16 Free WordPress Themes That will Make You Forget Premium Themes

The price of custom-made WordPress themes can vary from $100 to $1000 or even more than that. Not all the bloggers are rich enough to bear these expenses. Even the premium WordPress themes are out of range for most of the bloggers that don’t cost much to the users. So if you are a newbieblogger or you are running your blog just for your hobby and you are not earning from your blog then here are 16 free premium WordPress themes for you that you may consider to use on your blog.
This collection represents all those free premium WordPress themes that I was planning to use on my blog when I migrated my blog from bloggerto WordPress. So there are no low quality themes in this collection.

Free Premium WordPress themes

1. Thrilling Theme

Thrilling Theme

2. Guerrilla Theme

Guerrilla Theme

3. cleanPRESS


4. Moi Magazine

Moi Magazine

5. New York

6. Techified


7. Channel


8. Modern Style

Modern Style

9. Elegant Grunge

Elegant Grunge

10. TypographyWP v2.0


11. Arras Theme

Arras Theme

12. TypoPrint


13. WP Soul

WP Soul

14. Fashion Press

Fashion Press

15. Simple Magazine 3 Columns

Simple Magazine

16. Copyblogger Theme

Copyblogger Theme

Windows 8 Release Preview: Create DVD Or USB Setup Media

While the Windows 8 Release Preview offers an excellent and advisable electronic software distribution (ESD) mechanism that lets you install the product in various ways directly from the web, and do so in a surprisingly efficient manner, your needs may be different. Fortunately, Microsoft also lets you create more traditional install media, using either DVD or a USB device. Here’s how you can do so.
There are two basic methods: The ESD offering, surprisingly, offers a built-in method for creating DVD- or USB-based Setup media, and you may find that this is in fact the quickest way. But you can also manually download the Windows 8 Release Preview ISO and use that to create DVD- or USB-based Setup media.
One other concern: The ESD method will make assumptions based on your PC and the current Windows version. So if you want to manually choose between the 32-bit and 64-bit Setup versions (and thus the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 Release Preview) be sure to go with the second, ISO-based method.

Create Setup media with ESD

To create Setup media using Microsoft electronic software distribution system mechanism, navigate to preview.windows.com, click the Get It Now button, and then click Download Windows 8 Release Preview. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’ll be prompted to Run or Save the resulting executable. (Other browsers may need to download the file first.) Choose Run and Windows Setup loads. In the first phase of this wizard, you’ll see the Upgrade Assistant, whose results may or may not be of interest since you’ll be creating Setup media anyway.
Setup will obtain a product key and then begin downloading the rest of the Setup files. Obviously, the time required by this process will vary according to your connection speed.
When the download is complete, Setup will ask whether you’d like to install now, install by creating media, or install later from your desktop.
Choose Install by creating media. In the next step, you can choose between USB and ISO.
The USB option will create a bootable USB device that includes the Setup files. But the ISO option will save an ISO file to your hard disk. You can then right-click it and choose Burn disc image from the pop-up menu that appears. This will launch Windows’ built-in Disc Image Burner application, which will burn the ISO file to disc.

Create Setup media with an ISO

To create Setup media using an ISO, you’ll need to first manually download the ISO. So navigate to preview.windows.com, click the Get It Now button, and then look for the ISO format linkbelow the far more prominent Download Windows 8 Release Preview button. (It is part of a tiny sentence that reads, “If you would prefer not to use Windows 8 Release Preview Setup, you can download Windows 8 Release Preview in ISO format instead.”)
Pick the ISO image that you want from the list and download it to your PC’s hard drive. Microsoft offers both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Windows 8 Release Preview, and my general advice is to use the 64-bit version for physical PCs and the 32-bit version for virtual machines (since it has lower system requirements and offers much better performance virtually).
Once the ISO download is complete, make sure you can locate it on your hard drive. Unless you chose Save As (in IE), it will most likely be found in the Downloads folder, which is at C:\Users\[your user name]\Downloads in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview.
To burn the ISO to a DVD disc, right-click it and choose Burn disc image from the pop-up menu that appears. This will launch Windows’ built-in Disc Image Burner application, which will make short work of this process.
To copy the Setup files to a bootable USB device, you will need Microsoft’s USB/DVD Download Tool. This simple utility will walk you through the process of turning a USB memory stick or hard drive (with 4 GB or more storage) into a bootable Setup device.

Final thoughts

Whichever method you choose, you should be able to successfully create Windows 8 Setup media that you can later use to perform clean installs, upgrades, or migrations on any of your PCs. Have fun!

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How To Upgrade Your Pirated Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro

Yesterday I made a post about upgrading Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 Pro.  According Microsoft you can only Upgrade your Windows 7/Vista/XP PC if they are genuine or original not cracked or pirated. But after launch of this upgradetion procedure people find that you don’t need validate whether your OS is genuine or pirated.

Yes! Mean you can easily Upgrade your Pirated Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 Pro. There is no trick, just upgrade it according Microsoft or read this blog post Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR

Wait Now you can Upgrade it by Just Rs. 699 INR using promo a code. Read this post to know how to get a promo code for Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at $14.99 .
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Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR

Are you still using Windows 7 , Windows Vista or Windows XP then here is a great offer from Microsoft to grab Windows 8 Pro at just Rs. 1999 INR. Yea 1999 INR, if you go to market then a Windows 7 Home basic cost around 4K. But its not full installation package , its a upgrade package. Mean you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from your Windows 7/Vista/XP at just Rs. 1999/-

But before you go to upgrade I want to make clear that you have to download digital media , mean you need a high speed internet connection. But If you invest Rs. 1060 INR more then you will get Windows DVD that will be shipped to your address. 

So how to Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP ? 

1. First Connect your PC or Laptop with high speed internet and sit down with your credit card or paypal a/c
2. Now Download this file here  or visit Microsoft site for more info 
3. Just Run the exe file and follow the step by step .

You can also upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Windows release preview. Mean you can get a genuine OS at low price if you don’t have genuine Windows 7/Vista/ XP. This offer is available beginning on October 26, 2012 and runs until January 31, 2013.

Here is good news , you can Upgrade Your Pirated or cracked Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro. You can also use a promo code to make the price from Rs. 1999 INR to Rs. 699 INR. Click here to know about how to get a promo code.

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How To Get A Promo Code To Upgrade Your Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro At Just $14.99

Yea I know the Upgradation price of Windows 8  from Windows 7/Vista/Xp. Its Rs. 1999 INR( or $39.99 USD) . But do you know that you can upgrade your genuine or pirated Windows 7/Vista/Xp to Windows 8 at just Rs. 699 INR ( or $14.99 USD ) just by using a promo code or coupon. 

So how to get this coupon ?

Step 1: Go to this link http://www.windowsupgradeoffer.com/
Step 2: Now select country
Step 3: Fill the form but Just select any date after june 2
Step 4: Now give any fake name in the name of the retailer.
Step 5: Just submit it. 

Now you will get a promo code , use this when you are upgrading using Windows Upgrade Assistant. You price will be low from Rs. 1999 INR ( or $39.99 USD )to Rs. 699 INR (or $14.99 USD ). So use this promo code to upgrade at low price. If you don’t know how to upgrade then read this Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR.
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Kaseta.co : Make & Share Your Own Music Video Playlist In Cassettes Style

Now you can make and share your own music video playlist like a cassettes style. You just need to visit kaseta.co .


Kaseta.co provide you to make your own music playlist upto 90 min from YouTube music video. And you can design these cassette in your own style. And easily share them with your friends. And tag your cassette according genre.

To use Kaseta you just need to sign up using your Facebook. No other sign in option still not available. 

Basically Kaseta is based on Facebook api and YouTube api. You can also check your other user’s playlist. So if some music lover ask how to make your own playlist in cassette style then tell them to visit kaseta.co.
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Free Download Theme For Windows 8 PC And Tablet

At least the most awaited OS of this year Windows 8 officially launched today. And Microsoft launch new site all about Windows 8. 

free download windows 8 theme

Before this No Windows 8 theme were available from Microsoft. But now you can free download theme for Windows 8. So if you are using any version of Windows 8 then you can apply these theme. And all are free. On the given link bellow you will find theme according their categories. You can select theme for only Windows RT and Enterprise edition. 

Free Download Windows 8 theme here
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Top 5 Google Adsense Approval Dirty Tricks

Hi Visitors you know Google earns $761.71 in one second and its annual revenue is near $23,800,000,000. It simply provides ads which is only put on website or blog and its pay when any one click on its ads.But its hard to get Adsense account because google conditions are very tough.According to these conditions you should have a top level domain,domain is 6 month old and website should completely developed and contain original material.But if you want Google Adsense account in under 1 day or in 6 hours by legal and genuine way then you are in right place. I will mentioned here few steps one by one you can choose any one that you want and can easily get your Adsense account.

Method 1:

  • DOCSTOC go here and click on register.
docstoc home page
  • Fill your detail here and click on complete registration
docstoc signup
  • After that it will ask you about google adsense account.
  • Click on “I would like to set up an account ” and fill all detail.

doc cash

  • Finally it will send instructions in your mail you just follow instruction and you will get Adsense account in 6 hours or in 24 hours.

Method 2:

This is also one of the best method to get adsense account.This method has been mentioned probably 100 times, but i will be using a twist to make this work.
1. Make a new gmail account.
2. Now go to Ezine Articles site or any article site you want and then choose a niche (make sure it’s popular).
3. Go to blogger.com and register a new blog ‘make sure a title and domain name you choosing is related to your niche’ and select your theme.
4. After that copy 5 articles related to your niche and paste in to your blog one by one in the form of post.
5. Make sure Articles are well formatted and have space between paragraphs.
6. Most people go to google.com/adsense and signup, but the twist is to signup directly from blogger. Once you have about 5 well formatted articles then you should see “Monetize” in the tabs section.
7. Click signup for adsense.
8. You will have 4 options now, choose the 1st one which is “Display ads in my sidebar and posts”, so when you fill up the form you will see Adsense advertisements right away.
9. Fill in the required detail, correct and genuine detail.
10. My favorite, wait about a day or two (usually less than 12 hours) and you will get approved.

Method 3:

  1. Go to Bukisa and register for new member.
  2. Confirm your email to complete your register.
  3. Download one or some free e-Book from any search engine, like example use Google.
  4. You can use some topic based from your interest like Money Online or anything.
  5. Now copy and paste those articles from that e-Book to Bukisa.
  6. Submit minimal three contents, and wait until they accepted.
  7. Some time the site is in heavy job and approve the articles after 2 days.
  8. Soon you will get Bukisa mails that inform your articles have approved.
  9. After getting approved article apply for Google Adsense by this way.
  10. Bukisa may ask you if you already have Google Adsense Account and then tick no.
  11. Next, enter your e-Mail Id that you have given at the time of bukisa sign up.
  12. Last, you will get a link in your e-mail and that is for your Google Adsense.
  13. Fill it and be sure that the info you will give to them must match with Bukisa.
  14. And done, You will get email from Google Adsense that your account is approved.

Method 4:

Follow the below mentioned steps and you will get Adsense approval in just 2 days. (Now this site is in Sale)

  1. Go to Flixya
  2. Register and complete ten contents.
  3. It may be photo, blog, article, and video.
  4. After that once you make your current account with this site you will get a fresh form in the second step, the Google Adsense sign up form. Input your valid e-mail address to start a Adsense account. We prefer G-mail regarding far better results.
  5. After you sign up it gives you a publication Id and then after 1-2 days your account will be approved

Method 5:

Unless you have any videos or even PPT presentations to talk about for the above site next i’ve one more strategy to get you approval with Adsense in mere two days

  1. You all may be aware of Indyarocks, the 1st step is to go to Indyarocks and the first step should be to visit Indyarocks and apply for an account with them.
  2. Once you register, sign in to your current account plus check out earning link around the right sidebar inside your profile.
  3. Indyarocks is a channel associate with google adsense that makes it possible to to earn income with them by sharing and also generating blogs. And you must satisfy their following conditions for adsense approval. Note the below mention conditions of indyarocks to get full filed for adsense approval. Your own Profile should be at least 80% complete.
    • Your profile privacy should be set to everyone.
    • You have to publish as a minimum ten photos for your profile and also the privacy from the photos should be set to everyone.
    • You need to posting at least 2/3 blogs and also the articles needs to be unique and also the privacy from the blogs should be set to everyone.

Earnings Guide from Xomba

Earnings Guide

How Google AdSense Works
Targeted ads are placed on your Articles based on Google’s analysis of your text.
  • Ads are placed in your Article automatically by Xomba. 
  • Xomba splits its Google AdSense revenue with users 60/40.
  • Sixty percent of the time your AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page, and 40 percent of the time, Xomba’s AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page.
  • Google sends you a payment each time your AdSense account has earned $100 or more. Xomba does not pay its users directly, nor do we handle any information regarding your personal AdSense account.
(NOTE: Never click your own ads or instruct someone to click your ads. This is a violation of Xomba’s and Google’s terms of service, and will get you banned from both sites.)
How to Create an Effective Title
  • Write the body of your Article first, then come up with a title that is representative of what you have written.
  • Create a title that describes both what you’ve written and what someone would search for in a search engine. (ex: Google)
  • All titles should contain at least three words. Otherwise your title will be too general for anyone to find through a search engine.
  • The title is the most important part of your post, so make sure you choose your words carefully. 
When you log into your Google AdSense account you will encounter references to CTR and CPM:
  • CTR, or “click-through rate”, is the number of AdSense clicks your post has received divided by the number of ad impressions.
  • CPM means “cost per thousand.” This number indicates your estimated earnings per thousand impressions.
Both of these numbers can be used to give you a better idea of which Articles are earning you the most on Xomba.
Tracking URLs In Adsense
To see the earnings of specific Articles in Adsense, you will need to track the URLs to those Articles in AdSense.
  1. Copy the URL of your Article. Example: http://www.xomba.com/how_much_money_would_you_like_to_make_today
  2. Log into Google AdSense.
  3. Below the tabs at the top of the page, click “Advanced Reports.”
  4. Click on “Manage Channels.”
  5. Click on “URL Channels.”
  6. Click on “Add URL Channels.”
  7. Paste your Article URL into the input box provided.
First – Click Advanced Reports
Second – Click Managed Channels
Third – Click Add Url Channels
Once you’ve input your Article’s URL, your AdSense will track the earnings of that Article. This will let you know how much each Article earns and which ones have a higher CTR and CPM.
(NOTE: If you are using your AdSense account on more than one site, please add xomba.com as a URL channel to see all earnings from Xomba. You can only track 200 URLs.)

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Google Adsense NiB Approval Trick

google adsense

Hi friends, today I am posting about a most requested topic. That is ” Adsense Approval Trick “. Many of my friends had requested to reveal my trick to them via chat and commented on my blog. Anyway, today I am revealing the hot trick. This trick involves many things and you have to wait just 5 days for getting the adsense approved genuine account.

The main things involved in this trick are :

  • A new email id.
  • Google Adsense approval via 3rd parties.
  • Google Adsense NiB hack.


You can get genuine Google Adsense account approved with many 3rd party accounts like : 
  • Fixya
  • Indyarocks
  • Webanswers
  • Docstoc
  • Hubpages
For my trick, I used Docstoc.com

Getting Google Adsense Approval With Docstoc

This video has been owned by :  mohammadibrahim16

View the video for viewing the trick. If not follow these steps : 
  • Go to docstoc.com.
  • Create an account with the new gmail id.
  • After creating an account with docstoc, create an adsense account with docstoc [ view the video]
  • In the meantime [ when your adsense account is being reviewed ], upload some unique pdf articles to Docstoc [ view the video ].
  • Then you will get a message that your adsense account has been approved.
  • Serve the ads via docstoc on your website for about 5 days. It will not give any income to you. But you have to add the ads via docstoc on your blog a few days.


  • If you are not uploading 10 pdf articles, your adsense account will get disapproved with the reason ” Insufficient content “
  • Don’t click on your own ads.
  • Don’t try to do any invalid activity.
  • Make your account secure.


  • You will not get earnings from per visit to your blog.
  • You will get only 50% earnings from docstoc of your adsense earnings.
  • Your adsense account via docstoc will get easily disapproved.
  • Your earnings will be too slow as a tortoise. You will think that the tortoise wins the game. But in this tech world, hare wins the game. 


  • After 5 days, go to adsense sandbox and check the preview of ads.
  • If ads are available, leave the site.
  • Now come to your Google Adsense account.
  • Go to blogger.
  • Go to the layout tab.
  • Remove the docstoc Ads from your site.
  • Leave blogger.
  • Now apply for adsense genuinely.
  • Visit google.com/adsense.
  • Apply for adsense.
  • During the review time, check the adsense sandbox if the ads are available.
  • After partial review, add the ad codes on your website.
  • Wait 2 days.
  • See the Google ads dancing on your website.


I don’t know how it works. But I can give you a simple explanation with my experience. That is once your blog had showed ads with an approved adsense account, that blog will get more consideration in getting approved. The reason is that once Google’s adsense bot crawled your site, they can know whether ads have been served for your site. The same thing works in my trick. In my trick, it creates an ad feed or something into your template for some days. This can be read only by Google bots. When Google bots are cra


I got my adsense approved genuine with this trick. You all do this trick and if it not works, please contact me. Adsense account that you get with this trick is completely genuine and you will earn per visit to your blog and it is a sustainable account.
Are facing trouble with any step or you need more explanation, please use the comment box.

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