Earnings Guide from Xomba

Earnings Guide

How Google AdSense Works
Targeted ads are placed on your Articles based on Google’s analysis of your text.
  • Ads are placed in your Article automatically by Xomba. 
  • Xomba splits its Google AdSense revenue with users 60/40.
  • Sixty percent of the time your AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page, and 40 percent of the time, Xomba’s AdSense ID is associated with the ad units on the page.
  • Google sends you a payment each time your AdSense account has earned $100 or more. Xomba does not pay its users directly, nor do we handle any information regarding your personal AdSense account.
(NOTE: Never click your own ads or instruct someone to click your ads. This is a violation of Xomba’s and Google’s terms of service, and will get you banned from both sites.)
How to Create an Effective Title
  • Write the body of your Article first, then come up with a title that is representative of what you have written.
  • Create a title that describes both what you’ve written and what someone would search for in a search engine. (ex: Google)
  • All titles should contain at least three words. Otherwise your title will be too general for anyone to find through a search engine.
  • The title is the most important part of your post, so make sure you choose your words carefully. 
When you log into your Google AdSense account you will encounter references to CTR and CPM:
  • CTR, or “click-through rate”, is the number of AdSense clicks your post has received divided by the number of ad impressions.
  • CPM means “cost per thousand.” This number indicates your estimated earnings per thousand impressions.
Both of these numbers can be used to give you a better idea of which Articles are earning you the most on Xomba.
Tracking URLs In Adsense
To see the earnings of specific Articles in Adsense, you will need to track the URLs to those Articles in AdSense.
  1. Copy the URL of your Article. Example: http://www.xomba.com/how_much_money_would_you_like_to_make_today
  2. Log into Google AdSense.
  3. Below the tabs at the top of the page, click “Advanced Reports.”
  4. Click on “Manage Channels.”
  5. Click on “URL Channels.”
  6. Click on “Add URL Channels.”
  7. Paste your Article URL into the input box provided.
First – Click Advanced Reports
Second – Click Managed Channels
Third – Click Add Url Channels
Once you’ve input your Article’s URL, your AdSense will track the earnings of that Article. This will let you know how much each Article earns and which ones have a higher CTR and CPM.
(NOTE: If you are using your AdSense account on more than one site, please add xomba.com as a URL channel to see all earnings from Xomba. You can only track 200 URLs.)

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