How To Get A Promo Code To Upgrade Your Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro At Just $14.99

Yea I know the Upgradation price of Windows 8  from Windows 7/Vista/Xp. Its Rs. 1999 INR( or $39.99 USD) . But do you know that you can upgrade your genuine or pirated Windows 7/Vista/Xp to Windows 8 at just Rs. 699 INR ( or $14.99 USD ) just by using a promo code or coupon. 

So how to get this coupon ?

Step 1: Go to this link
Step 2: Now select country
Step 3: Fill the form but Just select any date after june 2
Step 4: Now give any fake name in the name of the retailer.
Step 5: Just submit it. 

Now you will get a promo code , use this when you are upgrading using Windows Upgrade Assistant. You price will be low from Rs. 1999 INR ( or $39.99 USD )to Rs. 699 INR (or $14.99 USD ). So use this promo code to upgrade at low price. If you don’t know how to upgrade then read this Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR.
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