Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR

Are you still using Windows 7 , Windows Vista or Windows XP then here is a great offer from Microsoft to grab Windows 8 Pro at just Rs. 1999 INR. Yea 1999 INR, if you go to market then a Windows 7 Home basic cost around 4K. But its not full installation package , its a upgrade package. Mean you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from your Windows 7/Vista/XP at just Rs. 1999/-

But before you go to upgrade I want to make clear that you have to download digital media , mean you need a high speed internet connection. But If you invest Rs. 1060 INR more then you will get Windows DVD that will be shipped to your address. 

So how to Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP ? 

1. First Connect your PC or Laptop with high speed internet and sit down with your credit card or paypal a/c
2. Now Download this file here  or visit Microsoft site for more info 
3. Just Run the exe file and follow the step by step .

You can also upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Windows release preview. Mean you can get a genuine OS at low price if you don’t have genuine Windows 7/Vista/ XP. This offer is available beginning on October 26, 2012 and runs until January 31, 2013.

Here is good news , you can Upgrade Your Pirated or cracked Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro. You can also use a promo code to make the price from Rs. 1999 INR to Rs. 699 INR. Click here to know about how to get a promo code.

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