Free Download YouTube Apps For Your iPhone and iPod Touch

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Today YouTube Officially launched their YouTube Apps for your iPhone and iPod touch. If you are a great fan of YouTube and you have a iPhone or iPod touch then grab this YouTube Apps.

This Apps specially designed by YouTube developer . 

Feature of YouTube Apps For iOS Platform

1. Watch YouTube’s huge video catalog, including official music videos.
2. Search videos and channels easily with voice search and query autocomplete
3. Easily Subscribe to channels and instantly access your subscriptions with the channel guide UI 
4. Read comments, browse related videos, add subtitles and more
5. Nice video sharing option to Google+, E-mail, Facebook and Twitter

Free Download YouTube Apps For iPhone And iPod Touch [ iTune Line ]

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Free Download uTorrent Apps For Android Phone And Tablet

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One of the favorite torrent client uTorrent is now available for Android devices. Torrent is the best way to share file P2P. Officially uTorrent Apps for Android released so if you are using Android Phone or tablet then you can download torrent file on your Android phone or tablet.

uTorrent apps for android

This version of uTorrent is now in beta version 1.7.14 build 27692. In looks uTorrent apps for Android is clean and smooth. UI is awesome .

So if you want download file via torrent client on your Android phone then this is the best torrent client apps

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Free Download Latest Updated Verson Of Facebook Messanger For Both Android & iOS Phone Or Tablet

After Facebook apps Facebook recently updated their Facebook messenger for both Android phone, iPhone and iPad.  Facebook messenger apps is the best way to online chat on your phone or tablet. This time Facebook brings some new feature like use of emoticons and Emoji type images. 

facebook messenger apps iphone ipad

So if you like to chat your Facebook friends online then Facebook messenger is the best apps for your android phone or tablet . It also available in iOS platform as for iPhone or iPad. So free download it now.

facebook messenger apps android

Free Download Facebook Messenger for iPhone and iPod touch [iTunes link]
Free Download Facebook Messenger for Android [ Google Play Store link]

Nokia: META friend locator

City guides & maps – 0.47 MB



META friend locator is a map app with social features. With META you get very compact world maps that generate 5-10 times less data traffic and takes up less space on your phone (also incl offline maps). You get GPS support and millions of places like restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, Wikipedia, twitter etc. You can share your location with friends and see where they are, check-in at places, write to people, see profile, add comments and photos etc.

META friend locator META friend locator META friend locator 

Set your phone to see if this item is compatible.
Use the Nokia phone selector.

Nokis: My Quran

Assalam o Alaikum
friends, usually we  go to park for a moring walk after the Fajar Prayer and we see that our friend didn’t come for morning walk and we are alone and start getting bore. At that sacred time we look at our cell phone and start messagnig to others.It is only a wastage of time because early in the morning it would be the best activity to remember our ALMIGHTY ALLAH  so stop this activity and open MY QURAN on your nokia phone and recite Holy QURAN .Pray for yourself  and for your family and this country. May ALLAH blessed youall. THANK YOU…!

My Quran  My Quran My Quran

Set your phone to see if this item is compatible.
Use the Nokia phone selector

 My Quran is the first Madina Quran for Nokia mobiles, My Quran V3 contain zoom feature for pages & page turn sign

Note: You may be prompted during installation to download a large one-time update for your phone software.