Improve Your Search Skills By Free Google Inside Search Online Course

We all know how to search something in search engine. Though we mainly use Google for searching. But sometimes we did not find what we want to get as just typing keywords not enough these days. Google Panda algorithm is become complicated now a days. So you have to know proper method to search what you really want.

Google power searching inside search online course

For these kind of problem Google recently introduce a free course or online class where you will learn the proper way of searching or power searching. 

Google search inside is the new name of this course work and free . This online class will be started on 24th September and ends on October 10. After completing this course you will get certificate also . There will be three class per week and you can ask your question to Search expert or other Power Searching participants.

Have a look Schedule 

  • Pre-class assessment available 2012-09-24
  • Class 1 – Introduction available 2012-09-24
  • Class 2 – Interpreting results available 2012-09-26
  • Class 3 – Advanced techniques available 2012-09-28
  • Mid-class assessment available 2012-09-28, deadline 2012-10-10 11:59pm PT
  • Class 4 – Find facts faster available 2012-10-01
  • Class 5 – Checking your facts available 2012-10-03
  • Class 6 – Putting it all together available 2012-10-05
  • Post-class assessment available 2012-10-05, deadline 2012-10-10 11:59pm PT

So how to join this class ?

Just go to this link to register.

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How To Listen Some Selected Text Of A Web Page

how to listen some selected text of web page

If you are tired of reading then I have great trick in which you can listen selected text or line from any webpage provided the text must be in English. Previously I told you about convert a web article in a audio format to listen any web article without reading. But If you don’t need to listen the whole article , you just want to listen some selected portion of a web article or post then this trick is just awesome.

So how to listen a selected portion of a web article ? 

Step 1. Download and install this Google chrome extension Speakit
Step 2. Just select some text that you want to listen 
Step 3. Then make right click and chose “Speakit”


Step 4. It may take few seconds to convert it in an audio format ,and you will be able to hear.

You can also follow this video for more guide 

There are some great thing in Speakit is you can change the engine of text to audio . You can also change the voice and control the speed of speaking.

Gmail is getting a new login page to make multiple sign-ins easier to manage

Managing multiple accounts is becoming more important on the Web every day and Google has decided to make it easier for its Gmail users. TNW staffers saw this page flash up, which lets you log in with one of your accounts, or add others:
Untitled 520x277 Gmail is getting a new login page to make multiple sign ins easier to manage
Untitled1 520x394 Gmail is getting a new login page to make multiple sign ins easier to manage
I think I just said “YAY!” really loudly and woke up my dogs. This is helpful because I have a few Gmail accounts, one of them for work, and I like to jump back and forth between them without having to open up a different browser.
We’re unaware of how long this will take to rollout to everyone, but we’ve reached out to Google to ask them. The preview link popped up for us at the bottom of the existing login page that everyone has. We’ll most certainly let you know what we find out.

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