How To Upgrade Your Pirated Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro

Yesterday I made a post about upgrading Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 Pro.  According Microsoft you can only Upgrade your Windows 7/Vista/XP PC if they are genuine or original not cracked or pirated. But after launch of this upgradetion procedure people find that you don’t need validate whether your OS is genuine or pirated.

Yes! Mean you can easily Upgrade your Pirated Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 Pro. There is no trick, just upgrade it according Microsoft or read this blog post Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR

Wait Now you can Upgrade it by Just Rs. 699 INR using promo a code. Read this post to know how to get a promo code for Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at $14.99 .
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Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR

Are you still using Windows 7 , Windows Vista or Windows XP then here is a great offer from Microsoft to grab Windows 8 Pro at just Rs. 1999 INR. Yea 1999 INR, if you go to market then a Windows 7 Home basic cost around 4K. But its not full installation package , its a upgrade package. Mean you can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from your Windows 7/Vista/XP at just Rs. 1999/-

But before you go to upgrade I want to make clear that you have to download digital media , mean you need a high speed internet connection. But If you invest Rs. 1060 INR more then you will get Windows DVD that will be shipped to your address. 

So how to Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP ? 

1. First Connect your PC or Laptop with high speed internet and sit down with your credit card or paypal a/c
2. Now Download this file here  or visit Microsoft site for more info 
3. Just Run the exe file and follow the step by step .

You can also upgrade to Windows 8 Pro from Windows release preview. Mean you can get a genuine OS at low price if you don’t have genuine Windows 7/Vista/ XP. This offer is available beginning on October 26, 2012 and runs until January 31, 2013.

Here is good news , you can Upgrade Your Pirated or cracked Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro. You can also use a promo code to make the price from Rs. 1999 INR to Rs. 699 INR. Click here to know about how to get a promo code.

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How To Get A Promo Code To Upgrade Your Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro At Just $14.99

Yea I know the Upgradation price of Windows 8  from Windows 7/Vista/Xp. Its Rs. 1999 INR( or $39.99 USD) . But do you know that you can upgrade your genuine or pirated Windows 7/Vista/Xp to Windows 8 at just Rs. 699 INR ( or $14.99 USD ) just by using a promo code or coupon. 

So how to get this coupon ?

Step 1: Go to this link
Step 2: Now select country
Step 3: Fill the form but Just select any date after june 2
Step 4: Now give any fake name in the name of the retailer.
Step 5: Just submit it. 

Now you will get a promo code , use this when you are upgrading using Windows Upgrade Assistant. You price will be low from Rs. 1999 INR ( or $39.99 USD )to Rs. 699 INR (or $14.99 USD ). So use this promo code to upgrade at low price. If you don’t know how to upgrade then read this Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR.
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To use Kaseta you just need to sign up using your Facebook. No other sign in option still not available. 

Basically Kaseta is based on Facebook api and YouTube api. You can also check your other user’s playlist. So if some music lover ask how to make your own playlist in cassette style then tell them to visit
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How To Get Notified If Your Baclink Removes Or Changed To Nofollow

If you are a webmaster then you really need this tool. As suppose you Link exchange with some site, after a few days the site may remove your link or changed to no follow. Or if you buy some banner this case may happen. So how to get notified if someone removes or adds nofollow to your backlinks.?

For this problem I have awesome tool. Its a Google Chrome extension Monitor Backlinks or visiting

Just you need to register and you have to add your link. For a free account you can add upto 10 links. You can also upload link by excel file or notepad.

So just use this service and keep monitor on your backlink.
How To Get Get Notified If Your Baclinks Removes Or Changed To Nofollow.
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How To Change The Position Of Subtitles In VLC

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VLC is the most common media player that people use.It not just only free but it can play any type of video format.And after VLC 2.0 update it comes with a great look.But watching a foreign language movie its better to have subtitle as its makes easy to watch the movie.By default VLC’s subtitle position is at bottom and some people feel uneasy with that position of subtitle in VLC.It will be beetter if we change the position of subtitle as top,bottom or center and other option.So how to change subtitle position in VLC ? Just follow me 

STEP 1:First click on “tool” in VLC on main menu bar then “Preferences”

STEP 2:Now click on “Subtitles & OSD” then select “Position:”

STEP 3:Now chose the position according to you.

VLC is nice to change position of subtitle but does not gives us full freedom to set subtitle position anywhere , in my comping post i will tell that how can we set the subtitle position anywhere according to you.

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How To Remote Access Mac From Your Windows 8 PC Or Tablet

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There are many tool available in market to remotely access Mac from your PC , but if you are using Windows 8 PC or Tablet then I have a great tool. Its Splashtop. Splashtop also allow to remote access your Windows PC from your Windows 8 PC or tablet. 


How To Remote Access Mac From Your Windows 8 PC Or Tablet??

Step 1: You need to install Splashtop on the PC or Mac that you want to connect 
Step 2: Now install Splashtop on your Windows 8 PC or Tablet
Step 3: Download and install Splashtop Streamer from here
Step 4: Now open Splashtop from windows 8 PC or Tablet
Step 5: Connect PC or Mac to remote access

How To Remote Access Mac From Your Windows 8 PC Or Tablet

Free Download Splashtop Windows 8 Metro Apps

Step 1: Go to Windows Apps store
Step 2: Type Win+Q keys and Search “Splashtop”
Step 3: Click on install to download and install.

There are some great feature of Splashtop are bellow 

1.Enjoy HD movies and videos (up to 30 fps), streaming from PC or Mac
2.Play and enjoy interactive 3D games with low latency like as World of Warcraft or EA Sports games.

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How To Install Windows 8 Using A Bootable USB Flash Drive

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How To Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview Using A Bootable USB Flash Drive or pendrive as now a days CD are old fashion to install a OS,yesterday Microsoft launched Windows 8 consumer preview and its available in iso format so you have to burn it on a blank DVD using Nero burning ROM or other this type software.But install a OS via CD or DVD takes lot time and sometime gives error if CD or DVD have some scratch.So why use CD or DVD ? Use a USB flash drive or PEN drive to install this new Windows 8 Consumer Preview use the steps

Step 1. Download the latest version of WinToFlash software from here.
Step 2.Now use demon tool or magic iso to mount your windows 8 iso image.
Step 3.Plug your USB flash drive( use 8 GB).
Step 4.Extract the zip file of WinToFlash, then open  WinToFlash.exe.
Step 5.Now click on windows setup wizard like this.

Step 6.Now specify the path by selecting the virtual drive where you mount the iso and the pendrive like this.

Step next ,it will take some time to make bootable .

Step 8.After it finish go to your bios and change the boot order as USB Flash drive.
Step 9.Now just plug your USB drive and install it.

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How To Duel Boot Windows 7 And Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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How To Duel Boot Windows 7 or Windows Xp And Windows 8 Consumer Preview , previously i done this in case of Windows Developer Preview but now Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available in market so lets boot it , i am assuming that you have Windows 7 or Windows xp system

Step 1. Download Windows 8 Consumer Preview here
Step 2.Burn the iso in a dvd using nero burning rom not data burning , or make bootable pendrive
Step 3.Make a partition of minimum 20 GB for Windows 8 , use disk management or as your wish.
Step 4.Now note down this key in paper DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J 
Step 5.Now boot the dvd or pendrive and click on install now
Step 6.Enter the key that you copy in a paper at step 4

Step 7.Now select custom option
Step 8.Now select the partition that you make for windows 8 at step 3 and click on next
Step 9.It will take some time and will reboot automatically 
Step 10.After reboot  you get a screen like this 

Step 11.Now follow the steps for personalize 

Step 12. After all this steps you complete your installation.
Step 13.Now when you on your PC ,you will get this awesome boot loader

Enjoy your Windows 8 Consumer Preview

How To Change Text Size Of Title Bar,Menus,Massage Box Or Palette Title In Windows 8 PC And Tablet

If you are bored with the default size of text in tile bar in Windows 8 PC then here I will tell you how can you change the text size of title bar , menus , massage box , palette title, icons and tooltips.

In this tutorial I will tell you a easy way to give some changes in size of the text of title bar and others. You can also make it bold. So how to change the text size of title bar , menus , massage box , palette title, icons and tooltips.

Step 1: Go to your desktop then right click and chose Personalize option
Step 2: Now click on Display at Left-Bottom corner 
Step 3: Now chose any of these which you want to change

change text size in windows 8 PC

Step 4: After choosing just click on Apply to see changes 

So just change size of text in Windows 8 PC or tablet.