Hack Paypal Orkut Myspace Email Passwords Using Keylogger

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In my previous articles i had teach you how to hack twitter accounts password, android spy, and other hackers tips. But after a very long time i am going to make another cool article upon Orkut, Myspace, Paypal Hacking, Like i have posted many tutorials upon spywares and remote hacking. So today i am gonna show you how to hack a computer through a keylogger. This keylogger is known as Ardamax Keylogger, this is very old many anti viruses detects it, but it’s quiet cool and faster. 

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Hack Accounts By Ardamax Keylogger!

Step1. Download the Ardamax keylogger!

Step2. Install it on your drive after installation goto tray icon – click – Registration Code will be in the downloaded folder.
Step3. The Screen will be displayed with many of the options, select them all as shown below.

Step4. After This click next and select the password or secret code for privacy of your keylogger, use the difficult keys, and go ahead. Click on Send logs every 5 minutes as i have done, it’s up to you whether you want late or earlier. Delivery method should be FTP, select the whole happening in option include, and Html webpage. Size should be 50-100kb.
Step5. Enter the Ftp Host as the same, and remote folder with your own name choice, i like logs! Better test the Remote file with your email.

Step6. Now Check the options with your own choice, and choose the destination folder for your keylogger. But Dont Forget to change the icon, select the icon of music or video, so it should be more impressive.

That’s it now you can send the remote file to your victim’s computer for logs and private information.
Enjoy Hacking…

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