How To Upgrade Your Pirated Windows 7/Vista/XP To Windows 8 Pro

Yesterday I made a post about upgrading Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 Pro.  According Microsoft you can only Upgrade your Windows 7/Vista/XP PC if they are genuine or original not cracked or pirated. But after launch of this upgradetion procedure people find that you don’t need validate whether your OS is genuine or pirated.

Yes! Mean you can easily Upgrade your Pirated Windows 7/Vista/XP to Windows 8 Pro. There is no trick, just upgrade it according Microsoft or read this blog post Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro From Windows 7/Vista/XP At Just Rs. 1999 INR

Wait Now you can Upgrade it by Just Rs. 699 INR using promo a code. Read this post to know how to get a promo code for Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro at $14.99 .
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Google Adsense NiB Approval Trick

google adsense

Hi friends, today I am posting about a most requested topic. That is ” Adsense Approval Trick “. Many of my friends had requested to reveal my trick to them via chat and commented on my blog. Anyway, today I am revealing the hot trick. This trick involves many things and you have to wait just 5 days for getting the adsense approved genuine account.

The main things involved in this trick are :

  • A new email id.
  • Google Adsense approval via 3rd parties.
  • Google Adsense NiB hack.


You can get genuine Google Adsense account approved with many 3rd party accounts like : 
  • Fixya
  • Indyarocks
  • Webanswers
  • Docstoc
  • Hubpages
For my trick, I used

Getting Google Adsense Approval With Docstoc

This video has been owned by :  mohammadibrahim16

View the video for viewing the trick. If not follow these steps : 
  • Go to
  • Create an account with the new gmail id.
  • After creating an account with docstoc, create an adsense account with docstoc [ view the video]
  • In the meantime [ when your adsense account is being reviewed ], upload some unique pdf articles to Docstoc [ view the video ].
  • Then you will get a message that your adsense account has been approved.
  • Serve the ads via docstoc on your website for about 5 days. It will not give any income to you. But you have to add the ads via docstoc on your blog a few days.


  • If you are not uploading 10 pdf articles, your adsense account will get disapproved with the reason ” Insufficient content “
  • Don’t click on your own ads.
  • Don’t try to do any invalid activity.
  • Make your account secure.


  • You will not get earnings from per visit to your blog.
  • You will get only 50% earnings from docstoc of your adsense earnings.
  • Your adsense account via docstoc will get easily disapproved.
  • Your earnings will be too slow as a tortoise. You will think that the tortoise wins the game. But in this tech world, hare wins the game. 


  • After 5 days, go to adsense sandbox and check the preview of ads.
  • If ads are available, leave the site.
  • Now come to your Google Adsense account.
  • Go to blogger.
  • Go to the layout tab.
  • Remove the docstoc Ads from your site.
  • Leave blogger.
  • Now apply for adsense genuinely.
  • Visit
  • Apply for adsense.
  • During the review time, check the adsense sandbox if the ads are available.
  • After partial review, add the ad codes on your website.
  • Wait 2 days.
  • See the Google ads dancing on your website.


I don’t know how it works. But I can give you a simple explanation with my experience. That is once your blog had showed ads with an approved adsense account, that blog will get more consideration in getting approved. The reason is that once Google’s adsense bot crawled your site, they can know whether ads have been served for your site. The same thing works in my trick. In my trick, it creates an ad feed or something into your template for some days. This can be read only by Google bots. When Google bots are cra


I got my adsense approved genuine with this trick. You all do this trick and if it not works, please contact me. Adsense account that you get with this trick is completely genuine and you will earn per visit to your blog and it is a sustainable account.
Are facing trouble with any step or you need more explanation, please use the comment box.

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How To Get Notified If Your Baclink Removes Or Changed To Nofollow

If you are a webmaster then you really need this tool. As suppose you Link exchange with some site, after a few days the site may remove your link or changed to no follow. Or if you buy some banner this case may happen. So how to get notified if someone removes or adds nofollow to your backlinks.?

For this problem I have awesome tool. Its a Google Chrome extension Monitor Backlinks or visiting

Just you need to register and you have to add your link. For a free account you can add upto 10 links. You can also upload link by excel file or notepad.

So just use this service and keep monitor on your backlink.
How To Get Get Notified If Your Baclinks Removes Or Changed To Nofollow.
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How To Change The Position Of Subtitles In VLC

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VLC is the most common media player that people use.It not just only free but it can play any type of video format.And after VLC 2.0 update it comes with a great look.But watching a foreign language movie its better to have subtitle as its makes easy to watch the movie.By default VLC’s subtitle position is at bottom and some people feel uneasy with that position of subtitle in VLC.It will be beetter if we change the position of subtitle as top,bottom or center and other option.So how to change subtitle position in VLC ? Just follow me 

STEP 1:First click on “tool” in VLC on main menu bar then “Preferences”

STEP 2:Now click on “Subtitles & OSD” then select “Position:”

STEP 3:Now chose the position according to you.

VLC is nice to change position of subtitle but does not gives us full freedom to set subtitle position anywhere , in my comping post i will tell that how can we set the subtitle position anywhere according to you.

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How To Remote Access Mac From Your Windows 8 PC Or Tablet

<!– CBeckAds_ad_Name = "17310"; CBeckAds_ad_Group = "None"; CBeckAds_ad_Width = 468; CBeckAds_ad_Height = 60; // –>

There are many tool available in market to remotely access Mac from your PC , but if you are using Windows 8 PC or Tablet then I have a great tool. Its Splashtop. Splashtop also allow to remote access your Windows PC from your Windows 8 PC or tablet. 


How To Remote Access Mac From Your Windows 8 PC Or Tablet??

Step 1: You need to install Splashtop on the PC or Mac that you want to connect 
Step 2: Now install Splashtop on your Windows 8 PC or Tablet
Step 3: Download and install Splashtop Streamer from here
Step 4: Now open Splashtop from windows 8 PC or Tablet
Step 5: Connect PC or Mac to remote access

How To Remote Access Mac From Your Windows 8 PC Or Tablet

Free Download Splashtop Windows 8 Metro Apps

Step 1: Go to Windows Apps store
Step 2: Type Win+Q keys and Search “Splashtop”
Step 3: Click on install to download and install.

There are some great feature of Splashtop are bellow 

1.Enjoy HD movies and videos (up to 30 fps), streaming from PC or Mac
2.Play and enjoy interactive 3D games with low latency like as World of Warcraft or EA Sports games.

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How To Change Text Size Of Title Bar,Menus,Massage Box Or Palette Title In Windows 8 PC And Tablet

If you are bored with the default size of text in tile bar in Windows 8 PC then here I will tell you how can you change the text size of title bar , menus , massage box , palette title, icons and tooltips.

In this tutorial I will tell you a easy way to give some changes in size of the text of title bar and others. You can also make it bold. So how to change the text size of title bar , menus , massage box , palette title, icons and tooltips.

Step 1: Go to your desktop then right click and chose Personalize option
Step 2: Now click on Display at Left-Bottom corner 
Step 3: Now chose any of these which you want to change

change text size in windows 8 PC

Step 4: After choosing just click on Apply to see changes 

So just change size of text in Windows 8 PC or tablet.

How To Listen Some Selected Text Of A Web Page

how to listen some selected text of web page

If you are tired of reading then I have great trick in which you can listen selected text or line from any webpage provided the text must be in English. Previously I told you about convert a web article in a audio format to listen any web article without reading. But If you don’t need to listen the whole article , you just want to listen some selected portion of a web article or post then this trick is just awesome.

So how to listen a selected portion of a web article ? 

Step 1. Download and install this Google chrome extension Speakit
Step 2. Just select some text that you want to listen 
Step 3. Then make right click and chose “Speakit”


Step 4. It may take few seconds to convert it in an audio format ,and you will be able to hear.

You can also follow this video for more guide 

There are some great thing in Speakit is you can change the engine of text to audio . You can also change the voice and control the speed of speaking.

How To Automatically Share Blog Post Updates on Google Plus Page For Bolgspot or Blogger Blog

A few days ago when it was only possible to publish your Blogspot blog post via Google Plus Pfofile not a page . It was very irritating to copy paste web site and link and share it via Google Plus Page. But Now You can share your Blogspot or Blogger Blog post via Google Plus Page and Profile Both. So how to share blogspot or Blogger Blog post via Google Plus Page and Profile automatically after publishing post? You can’t share the it in both Google Plus Page and Profile. You have to chose one. Mean share it either Google Plus Page or Profile.

To do this you Need a Google Plus Profile and Page and you must be the admin of the Google Plus Page. First You need to Integrate Your Blogger to Google Plus Profile. So just do this

Step 1: Log in to Blogger account 
Step 2: Go to the dashboard. At the top-right region you will see a cog icon.
Step 3: Click on the cog,  then click Connect to Google+. You will see a confirmation screen.

Step 4: Just confirm it , now your blog is integrated with the Google Plus Profile.

Now you have to switch from Google Plus Profile to Google Plus Page to share post automatically on the Google Plus Page.

Step 1: Go to Dashboard of your blog
Step 2: Click on Google+ . Which is located on the left side of your screen 
Step 3: Now you will see your Google Plus Page and Profile , click on Page box to switch from Google Profile to the page.
Switch to Google Plus Page
Step 4: tick on the box “Prompt to share after posting ” to get a pop up type after publishing post to share it.

You can also share your post by clicking “share” from post tab like this

How To Get Your Android Phone All Notifications Right On Your Desktop Screen

Say, you are in office and working on your computer very deeply. In that time, you may like to keep your smartphone on silent mode to avoid the interruption. That’s a great decision to keep it while working, but what would you do when you need to act on a text, mail, even a call while you are sinking on works. Well, in this circumstance, you can’t ignore them completely because of the importance; therefore, you have to keep alert your smartphone to receive those items notifications. After all, if you get anonymous or telemarketing types of message, which is drawing your attention while working, then it would be an over-annoying moment at your work time.
However, these all are kinds of similar cases we face usually in our professional as well as personal life. Sometimes we conclude—that it would be great, if we would receive these all notifications straightly from smartphone to the desktop of our computer, and then respond them without even touching the device itself. Well, it’s not so defective though it would not be possible to complete somehow.

An open source application dubbed “DeskNotifier” would be able to do this by connecting your android smartphone notifications system to the notification system of your windows desktop over Wi-Fi or via data cable. It has developed by “XDA member greenday123” to make your working life easier and more comfortable. So let’s see how you can use this tool to shrink the interruption while working and to keep doing both your job and smartphone simultaneously. 

How To Use DeskNotifier to Receive Your Android Phone All Notifications Straightforward To Your Windows Desktop

Step No 1: Download and install the DeskNotifier desktop application on your Microsoft Windows and the mobile application on your android device. (Before you completely install the desktop application, it’s worth to check the “run at startup” option so don’t forget to do it)
Step No 2: As I earlier mentioned that, you can connect either by Wi-Fi or by using data cable. Therefore, after installing, connect your android phone with your computer using any one option of them.
Step No 3: Now launch the android application and follow the app instruction. (First time you run the app, you will be redirected to the “Accessibility settings”. There you need to give the permission some of third-party app content to push notification to your desktop and also configure some initial settings including Wi-Fi sleep policy etc. You can’t skip them to do later, indeed you must setup.)

Step No 4: Thus, now the time has come to run the “DeskNotifier” windows app. After launching, you need to enter the IP address of your android device. (Note it that next all times you connect DeskNotifier with android phone through Wi-Fi option, you must enter the IP address. You can also choose data cable option but it’s really troublesome to carry it wherever you go)

Step No 5: After connecting your device through using any of the option, you can start to get notifications pushed to your desktop. It will be much better if you get sure that your phone successfully connected to your desktop. Accordingly, push a test ping from your phone to computer, if you get the notification you can keep the phone little away from you and continuously do your job. Next, all of your phone notifications copy will be handed over to your computer system tray until you disconnect deliberately.
That’s it. DeskNotify such an awesome app to get the smartphone notifications directly to desktop with non-concern way. DeskNotifier doesn’t keep the notification on screen more than couple of seconds, therefore, before your complete view, if any one of them fade out; you can always check the missed or last notifications by clicking on the system tray icon. If you lack to view all of your old notifications, then you can get them from the right-click menu. One great thing it does, however, lets you to reply or send text message from your computer. To reply text message immediately, click on the notification whenever it appear on screen , and to send new message you need to right-click on the tray icon of desktop then select new SMS to send text.

Need more help?
If you face any trouble, you can always comment here to get the solution from us. Alternatively, whenever you want, you can visit the DeskNotifier official installation instructions webpage to get more help.

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Why Waste Time By Reading? Just Listen Web Article By SoundGecko

f you don’t have time to read a website article or if you hate reading a web article then don’t waste time to reading it just hear it. Yes listen an article like hearing a story from your mom or dad when you were a child. You might think that I am talking about Windows Narrator, which allow you to hear any article like pdf or web article but it has some glitch. I especially don’t like Windows Narrator. So how to listen or hear a website article ? 

listen or hear web article by soundgecko

There is a website called SoundGecko which provide you listen any web content as a music form. Mean if you got some good review or a short story or any historical article then its great. Just convert the web article an mp3 or music file and listen it when you want. You can hear it anytime. You can transfer this mp3 file to your music player or iPad and hear it when you are in train or car. If you miss then use your music player to forward or backward. This will make you a multitasking boss as when you are listening an article at the same time you can also do your own work. 

SoundGecko also help you to keep your article in cloud as these mp3 files will be synced with Dropbox or google drive.

So how to listen or hear web article by SoundGecko ??

Step 1: Just go to SoundGecko and put the website article URL you want to listen or hear. 
Step 2:  then just write down your email id to get the mp3 file in mail Inbox. It will take a few minutes to process the article as an mp3 file.
Step 3: Now go to your Inbox and download the mp3 file.

You can also make an account or use google chrome or other apps for this service.