Kaseta.co : Make & Share Your Own Music Video Playlist In Cassettes Style

Now you can make and share your own music video playlist like a cassettes style. You just need to visit kaseta.co .


Kaseta.co provide you to make your own music playlist upto 90 min from YouTube music video. And you can design these cassette in your own style. And easily share them with your friends. And tag your cassette according genre.

To use Kaseta you just need to sign up using your Facebook. No other sign in option still not available. 

Basically Kaseta is based on Facebook api and YouTube api. You can also check your other user’s playlist. So if some music lover ask how to make your own playlist in cassette style then tell them to visit kaseta.co.
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How To Get Notified If Your Baclink Removes Or Changed To Nofollow

If you are a webmaster then you really need this tool. As suppose you Link exchange with some site, after a few days the site may remove your link or changed to no follow. Or if you buy some banner this case may happen. So how to get notified if someone removes or adds nofollow to your backlinks.?

For this problem I have awesome tool. Its a Google Chrome extension Monitor Backlinks or visiting http://monitorbacklinks.com/

Just you need to register and you have to add your link. For a free account you can add upto 10 links. You can also upload link by excel file or notepad.

So just use this service and keep monitor on your backlink.
How To Get Get Notified If Your Baclinks Removes Or Changed To Nofollow.
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Why Waste Time By Reading? Just Listen Web Article By SoundGecko

f you don’t have time to read a website article or if you hate reading a web article then don’t waste time to reading it just hear it. Yes listen an article like hearing a story from your mom or dad when you were a child. You might think that I am talking about Windows Narrator, which allow you to hear any article like pdf or web article but it has some glitch. I especially don’t like Windows Narrator. So how to listen or hear a website article ? 

listen or hear web article by soundgecko

There is a website called SoundGecko which provide you listen any web content as a music form. Mean if you got some good review or a short story or any historical article then its great. Just convert the web article an mp3 or music file and listen it when you want. You can hear it anytime. You can transfer this mp3 file to your music player or iPad and hear it when you are in train or car. If you miss then use your music player to forward or backward. This will make you a multitasking boss as when you are listening an article at the same time you can also do your own work. 

SoundGecko also help you to keep your article in cloud as these mp3 files will be synced with Dropbox or google drive.

So how to listen or hear web article by SoundGecko ??

Step 1: Just go to SoundGecko and put the website article URL you want to listen or hear. 
Step 2:  then just write down your email id to get the mp3 file in mail Inbox. It will take a few minutes to process the article as an mp3 file.
Step 3: Now go to your Inbox and download the mp3 file.

You can also make an account or use google chrome or other apps for this service.

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